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Employment and Labor Law

In contrast to other branches of law, Labor Law maintains a special mentality and methodology of its application and is an autonomous branch, which is considered part of private law.

Our office has a wealth of experience in terms of labor relations and the management of labor issues such as:

  • Drafting of employment and negotiation agreements or updating of the basic terms of the agreements, so that they are in line with the applicable Legislation, with the European Directives, the European Regulations and the International Conventions.
  • Provision of legal services and advice on labor law issues which include, labor disputes, issues of excess personnel, termination of employment, collective redundancies, illegal dismissals, discrimination in the workplace, registration of provident funds and legal advice concerning provident funds, social insurance, maternity protection, health and safety issues at work, share option programs for employees, confidentiality and non-compete issues, employer’s manuals, claims for bonuses.
  • Mediation on behalf of our customers and consultation with the competent regulatory authorities of the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance such as the Department of Labor Relations, the Surplus Personnel Fund, the Department of Labor Inspection, the Social Insurance Services and the Superintendent of Occupational Pension Benefits Funds.
  • Legal advice and business guidance for the implementation of internal regulations and personnel procedures.
  • Legal advice and provision of administrative services on immigration and labor issues. Provision of services for securing employment permits for foreign personnel and guidance during the employment process of Cypriots, Europeans and third-country nationals.
  • Provision of legal advice and services to enterprises on issues of collective agreements, negotiations with labor unions for the conclusion or amendment or renewal of collective agreements. Legal advice on the application or interpretation of articles of these conventions.
  • Legal advice on issues relating to business transfer and employment protection (TUPE transfers).
  • Representation of clients in the Labor Court and/or other Courts for employment matters.