Corporate and Commercial Law

Our extensive and comprehensive knowledge of company law as well as our long experience in the matter allows for expert advice regarding the selection of the appropriate corporate form, the drafting of flexible and adapted to the needs of the company memorandum and articles of association, as well as for the drafting of agreements which safeguard the rights and regulate of shareholders’ relations.

We have developed long-term relationships of trust with our corporate customers and as our clients’ companies were growing over the years and their corporate needs increasing we expanded our knowledge, contribution and experience in handling their ever-increasing legal challenges involving complex corporate structures and transactions.  Our company specifically provides:

  • Company formation services.
  • Advice on the initial structure and reorganization of the companies.
  • Strategic advice and guidance on corporate governance and compliance with domestic laws and regulations.
  • Drafting of corporate documents and agreements.
  • Advice and legal support in acquisitions and mergers, financing, venture capital and equity raising.
  • Secretarial management and corporate management services.
  • Advice and support in both domestic and cross-border commercial transactions such as, inter alia, supply contracts, commercial agency contracts, exclusive distribution of products, franchising agreements, leasing, mergers, acquisitions, escrow agreements.
  • Repatriation of Companies.
  • Liquidation/dissolution of Companies