Real Estate

We have broad expertise in real estate transactions both commercial and private.  We will do the required due diligence for you, prepare the documents and help with the negotiation process of the purchase or sale of your property.  We will advise you regarding tax issues and financing if you need.

Real Estate laws in Cyprus are complex and extensive.  In brief the immovable property (Tenure, Registration & Valuation) Law, Cap 224, The Acquisition of Immovable Property (Aliens) Law Cap 109, The Immovable Property (Transfer of Mortgage) Law No 9/65, the Immovable Property Tax Law Cap. 322 and the Immovable Property (Towns) Tax Law No 89/62, The Capital Gains Tax Law, No 52/80, the Rent Control Law, No 23/83, The Sale of Immovable Property Law of 2011 are but a few of the laws governing real estate transactions in Cyprus.

Whether you are a local client or a foreigner, an individual or a corporation interested in a real transaction in Cyprus our firm will help you to:

  • Negotiate the sale, lease, rental, investment or developing opportunity you are contemplating.
  • We will conduct all necessary due diligence;
  • We will draft the necessary agreements;
  • We will liaise with the land registry and file all appropriate documentation;
  • We will engage with all relevant authorities to secure permits and licenses;
  • We will help engage with banks and financing institutions to secure capital and draft the relevant agreements.