The independent Republic of Seychelles is considered to be a progressive offsore centre in the world with competitive legislation.

This means simple incorporation of companies and warranty investors privacy.


Seychelles, is a tax free corporation designed for engagement into all forms of international business.


Commonly used for:


Some of the Secychelels advantages for the Company formation are described below:


A Seychelles Company may not carry on business in Seychelles, may not own real estate in Seychelles and it may not do any banking, insurance and registered agent business unless with the posession of a special licence.


Despite the above restrictions, a Seychelels company can:

  1. Maintain Seychelles -based bank accounts and deposits,
  2. Books and records within Seychelles,
  3. Profesional relationship in Seychelles with accountants, attornyes, etc.
  4. Hold meetings of its directors in Seychelles.
  5. and many more..


According to the Seychelles Investment Bureau negotiations have been concluded with many countries and are awaiting for the signing of the agreements and a second round of negotiations is being held with many other countries.

The Government sees such treaties as being an important part of its scheme to develop as a key financial hub in the Indian Ocean, and is actively seeking to expand its tax treaty network.


The abovementioned information are only kept at the Registered Agent in strict confidence.


This fee is fixed irrespective of the authorized and paid up capital.

Normally, Seychelles International Business Companies are incorporated with an authorised share capital of 100.000 USD divided into 100.000 shares of 1.00 USD each.

Meetings of the Board of Directors or of the Shareholders can take place anywhere and there is no obligation for a general annual meeting.

Registered Address: It is required by the Law for a Seychelles company to have it's registered address in Seychelles.

Secretary: The appointment of a secretary is not mandatory, however it is possible.