Malta's competitve tax system and extensive network of Double Taxation Agrements make it an increasingly popular business vehicle for companies from all over the world.


Company types in Malta




At least two shareholders who may be individuals or corporate.


Registered Office

A maltese company must have a registered office in Malta.



Responsible for the company register, to file all the documentation at the Company registrar, to keep all minutes of meetings of the Company's membes and directors as required by Law.



The company tax rate is 35% on the chargeable profits based on the audited accounts of the company.

However, a system of tax refunds granted to shareholders provideds significant fiscal benefits , reducing Malta tax in the hands of shareholders to 0% in the case of holding companies, and 5% in the case of trading companies.

There are certain requirements that must be satisfied in order for shareholders to benefit from such refunds.


Gaming License in Malta

Remote Gaming

Malta: a well regulated European remote gaming jurisdiction and it is estimated to host around 10%of the world's on line gaming companies.


The Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) has revised the regulations so that gaming activities including online casinos, casino-style games, online poker, betting exhanges and lotteries could be allowed afgter an application is submitted and a license is granted.

Malta is the only jurisdiction that is an EU Member State and therefore offers the possibility of ' free movement of goods and services' within the EU Market.


Gambling License in Malta

Requirements in order to obtain a gambling licence:


Incorporation & Application for a Gambling License



The application for the gambling licence will take approximately 1.5 months to be examined and then the client has a 6 months period to establish its business in Malta, and finally the Compiance Certificate gets issued by LGA.


For more information in relation to the procedure for the Gaming License, please contact us.



The license is valid for five years and each year there are some annuities that need to be paid such us:

Income tax of 5%, Gaming Tax, server hosting fee, annual fees for the maltese office together with the secretary and shareholders, and an annual license fee.