Financial Institutions

Cyprus banks due to the intense competition between them, they have developed into ultra –modern banking organisations, able to offer excellent services under highly competitive terms. To this extend a great assistance has been found to the nature of Cyprus as an international financial centre, which has facilitated the banks through the familiarisation with sophisticated banking activities.

Within this framework, all Cypriot banks operate a dedicated customer service department for those clients who engage in international business. These units are called International Business Units. The officers in these departments are highly trained in those matters that arise within business transactions and can give quick and efficient solutions to every challenge that can be reasonably resolved.

Our office is in a position to advise you in relation to the services, charges, interest rates and efficiency of every bank, so as to ensure that you will be choosing the one which most accurately matched your needs.

Each Cypriot bank has its own advantages and disadvantages and therefore is of paramount importance to select your banking partner after careful assessment of those characteristics of each bank.

We work with the Bank of Cyprus, Marfin Popular Bank, Hellenic bank, Piraeus Bank Cyprus, Alpha Bank, Barclays bank, Hellenic Bank, National Bank of Greece, Societe Bank.

All bank accounts in Cyprus have the ability to be connected to an internet banking system, which permits the user to conduct safely banking activities without any need for red tape in an instant.


Whether it is a personal account you wish to operate or a corporate account, you need to keep in mind that you do not need to travel to Cyprus as we can take care of everything for you.