Immovable Property

The favourable location of Cyprus at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa together with the fact that Cyprus is a full member of the E.U. as of May 1st 2004, its safe and protective legal system, the excellent infrastructure and the extensive use of the English language are some of the reasons that established Cyprus as an ideal centre for both business and pleasure and thus attracted to the island a considerable number of individuals and foreign investors interested in immovable property.

The fact that Cypriots as well as foreigners are intensely active in buying and selling immovable property in conjunction with the particularity of the relevant legislation, which is mainly attributed to the history of the island, means that immovable property law is especially current as well complex in its  application in practice. 

Our Law firm’s expertise on such matters derivers from handling matters and disputes related to immovable property, such as legal opinion for investors, contractors, construction companies and potential buyers of immovable property.

Nevertheless, the purchase and sale of immovable property is only one aspect of this area of law. 

Handling such a vast array of cases requires extensive knowledge of other areas of law related to immovable property, such as hereditary law, tenancy disputes law and tax law.

Our law firm specialises in negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts, immovable property registration, management of personal or corporate property, investment advisory, expropriation and requisition and related compensation either through court procedure or through out of court settlement negotiations, drafting and executing a will, donation of property, taxation on property, registering or withdrawing encumberments on immovable property, such as mortgages and limitations on the transfer or sale of immovable property, all procedures carried out at District Land Registries and in accordance to urban planning Legislation.