Residence Permit in Cyprus

Residence and employment in Cyprus are governed by the Aliens and Immigration legislation of Cyprus (Alien and Immigration Law Chapter 105 of the Laws as amended; Alien and Immigration Regulation KDP 242/72 of 22.12.1972 as amended).



The requirements for visa vary depending on the nationality of each foreigner.

EU citizens pass the so-called face and passport control without receiving an entry stamp at their passport.

Other nationals are required to secure their entry visa prior to arrival in Cyprus at the Embassy of Cyprus at their country.

All other nationals receive the official stamp that witnesses their arrival.

The entry visa is usually given from one to four weeks depending on the case. The visa can be extended up to three month by submitting the required documents to the District Aliens and Immigration Office.


Residence Permit

A. Temporary Residence Permit

An alien may request for the issue of the temporary residence permit for the purpose of holidays, tour around the island and for the search of a possible temporary or permanent settlement in Cyprus.

Alien students/pupils

Pupil permits for aliens are granted for attending registered secondary and primary educational institutes. In these cases the applications are submitted by the educational Establishment the aliens will attend.

Other cases of the temporary residence permit

Any person that permanently or temporarily stays in Cyprus or has a work permit may invite close members of his (her) family to stay together with him (her) and apply for the temporary residence permit for them.

The document that must be presented to the District Aliens and Immigration Office are the work and/or residence permit and a bank letter of guarantee.

An immigration officer may require additional information in each separate case.


B. Permanent Residence Permit

In order to settle an alien permanently in Cyprus we must apply to the Chief Immigration Officer, Nicosia, Cyprus by submission of the application form M.67.

In accordance with the Regulation 5 of the Alien and Immigration Regulations of 1972 an alien person must belong to one out of 5 Categories.

If the application is finally approved by the Civil Registry and Migration Department of Nicosia and the permanent residence permit is granted an alien receives an official stamp to his (her) passport and is not obliged to renew his (her) residence permit annually.

Cyprus has recently implemented 2003/109/EC European Union Directive, which states that migrants, who live in Cyprus for five years, legally and continuously, are entitled for permanent residence permit.

The Directive was published on 23 January 2004 and since 23 January 2006 is in force in Cyprus.