Family Law

Family Law deals with all legal principles concerning the relations between Family members, such as spouses and parent-child interaction. 

Family Law cases are dealt with, by specialised Advocates within the Law Firm according to the specific circumstances of each case with the utmost discretion and respect for the benefit of all individuals involved, especially those of minors.  The Law Firm specialises in cases concerning Divorce, Alimony for spouse and/or child, Parental care, Adoption and Property Disputes.

Family Law gets examined at the Family court and it involves cases with the dissolution of any civil marriage; family maters in court proceedings instituted under the provisions of bilateral or multilateral treaties to which Cyprus is a signatory; and matters of parental support, maintenance, adoption, property relations between spouses, etc.



Two types:

Religious Marriage: A lreligious marriageis a marriage that has been conducted according to the religious rules of the Greek Orthodox Church or by any officer of another religious denomination known in Cyprus.

- It should be noted that mixed marriages in Cyprus between Muslims and Christians are prohibited.


Civil Marriage: Civil Law concept came to  Cyprus in 1990s, and it came in line with the International Conventions and with the Cyprus Constitution of course. A Civil Marriage takes place before a mayor  or another municipal officer.



Grounds for Divorce:

Irretrievable breakdown of the bond of matrimony for reasons attributable to the respondent or both the spouses so that the continuation of marriage is intolerable for the petitioner.

--> Separation for five consecutive years constitutes Irretrievable Breakdown of the bond of Matrimony.

The Grounds for Divorce referred to in the Charter of the Church of Cyprus provided that they do not contravene the Constitution.

--> Such grounds are desertion for two years without any reason or the persistent refusal to have a child or immoral , disgraceful , or any other repeated inexcusable behavior.

Any other reason as defined by a Law after the opinion of the Greek Orthodox Church is heard.


The Procedure in Cyprus

Before the divorce petition get to be filed, the first step is to try and reach a comprise before the Bishop.

The common practice is to send a letter to the Bishop explaining the reasons for divorce.

After approximately three months, the Divorce petition is filed.

For the preparation of the petition some information is required: the Certificate of Marriage, the date of the wedding, the reasons for the divorce, etc.

Once the petition is ready it is submitted at the Family Court and served to the other side.