Employment Law


 Our Law Firm has acquired extensive expertise on a range of issues concerning Employment Law.


Our Advocates specialise in negotiating, drafting and checking employment contracts as well as resolving employment disputes with experience in representing either employer or employee. Our aim is to constantly follow changes in local and European legislation and case Law concerning employment relations, especially European Union Directives and Regulations as well as International Treaties and Rules concerning employment status.  In more detail, our Law Firm deals with the following aspects of Employment Law: defining the obligations of employer and employee, staff hiring, minimum pay consolidation, commission on sales, earnings, allowances, overtime, employment terms and conditions, part-time employment, employment duration , work on holidays, night-time work, equal treatment at the work-place, unfavourable alteration of work conditions, unilateral harmful alteration of terms of employment such as transfer, salary reduction, demotion or change of working hours, also issues concerned with promotion, leave, health and safety at the workplace, accidents and injury at work, termination of employment contract , unlawful termination, resignation, employee claims, payment of compensation for termination of employment, non-payment of worked and ought to be paid wages, redundancy and layoffs, trade union disputes and arbitration, employment regulations, social insurance issues and issues concerning protection of privacy.