Winding Up / Liquidation

Due to the economic crisis of the lasts years, companies need to undergo insolvent liquidation on which we can provide extensuive advice and support.

Also, we provide services of voluntary liquidation of companies as well from the gathering of all the documents from the shareholders of the company and third parties, including indemnity from the shareholder, undertaking letter from the same, letter of waiver of liability, general proxy by the shareholder and a decision by the shareholder of the company by which the company is placed in liquidation and by which the liquidator is appointed to the preparation of the declaration of solvency and statement of Assets and Liabilities, to many other documents that are required to be submitted to the registrar for the voluntary liquidation of a company to take place.

A company is officially dissolved after three months of the final meeting and the Registrar of Companies is sending a letter stating the date of dissolution of the Company.


Christos Patsalides L.L.C provides services for the voluntary and involuntary liquidation of a company.